Chiloquin Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan cover

The Chiloquin Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan was developed through a collaborative process with the Chiloquin community and adopted by the City of Chiloquin and The Klamath Tribes in 2019. The plan was created to guide investment in the pedestrian and bicycle system and provide connections to schools and other community destinations. It provides a summary of projects and strategies needed to complete the walking and biking networks and outlines priorities for the City of Chiloquin, Klamath Tribes, and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to implement.

The purpose of the Chiloquin Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan is to provide the foundation to make pedestrian and bicycle transportation safer, more convenient, and accessible. The plan identifies critical missing links in the pedestrian and bicycle system, key road crossing opportunities, and proposes projects to address existing needs. The plan provides an overview of the existing pedestrian and bicycle network and lists a prioritized plan including elements and maps project locations to further improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation within the city. Basic information, such as description, location, and priority tier are provided for each element. Additional information including potential funding sources, project partners, and project considerations are provided for the high priority projects, along with a detailed description of the project purpose and extents.

The plan was prepared by Kittelson & Associates, Inc located in Bend, Oregon and was partially funded by a grant from the Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Program, a joint program of the ODOT and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.


Project Update

The City of Chiloquin submitted a grant application in July 2022 for an ODOT "Safe Routes to School" grant for Project 4 identified in the Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. This project will provide a continuous sidewalk along the west side of 2nd Avenue with ADA compliant accessible curb ramps at the intersections of 1st Avenue, Arnold Street, Blockinger Street, Chiloquin Elementary School driveways, and Elm Street. North of Blockinger Street the project proposes to construct a sidewalk adjacent to the roadway with striped bike lane stencils in the existing shoulders. South of Blockinger Street the project proposes to construct a sidewalk between the existing utility poles and fence line of the Chiloquin Elementary School athletic fields. This project will make it safer for students to walk and bike to school, especially during the winter months.


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