Public Works

The City of Chiloquin Public Works department is responsible for maintaining the potable water distribution system, the wastewater collection & treatment system, the storm water system, road side signage, fleet and equipment, public facilities, and streets & public rights-of-way.

The Public Works Department strives to ensure a high quality of life for Chiloquin's citizens, visitors, and businesses by providing services essential for safe, healthy living and working environments as well as safe travel on local roadways. To accomplish this, the Department maintains and improves our infrastructure systems, which provide water, sewer, and transportation services.

Public Works

Water —provides clean, safe water throughout the town and maintains the water system infrastructure. 

Streets —provides snow removal and basic roadway repairs. 

Wastewater —provides safe and environmentally conscientious management and disposal of sewage. 

During work hours please contact City Hall. In the event of an after hours public works emergency, please call the following (Non-Emergency after hours calls may include a charge):
Charlie Case  541-891-9234  or  Fred Jackson 541-591-6287