Service Line Warranty Program - Chiloquin, OR

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Emergency Home Repair Plans from Service Line Warranties of America


The City of Chiloquin and Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) have partnered to help protect customers from the unexpected expense and inconvenience of emergency repairs to the systems in their homes. Many times, homeowners are unaware of their responsibility for the repairs to these systems in and around their homes.

Over the next few years, the city will be replacing all water meters with an electronic meter and switching from a flat-rate billing to a per-usage billing as part of the new water well project. As this project comes to a completion, homeowners may find leaks they were unaware of previously. That's why the City is please to work with SLWA to offer this optional and affordable program that can help provide peace of mind.

This program is offered at no cost to the City and no public funds are used to promote or administer the program. The City of Chiloquin has no responsibility for the program being offered by SLWA and does not guarantee the performance of the work provided by SLWA. All agreements are between a homeowner and SLWA.

Who is Service Line Warranties of America

Founded in 2003, Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is a home repair service company headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania who offers repair plans to local homeowners by partnering with local municipalities and cities, and they have a trusted network of professional contractors to handle water, sewer, and plumbing line repairs.

SLWA is a BBB Accredited Business and has been recognized as the nation's largest and most trusted source of utility line plans and are endorsed by the League of Oregon Cities (LOC) and the National League of Cities (NLC).

Home Repair Plans From SLWA

SLWA's affordably priced plans address many home emergencies, with service provided by local, licensed, and insured contractors. There are no deductibles, trip charges, or pre-inspections. Coverage is available for:

  • Exterior Sewer/Septic Line
  • Exterior Water Service Line
  • Plumbing and Drainage

How Plans From SLWA Work

  • Call SLWA 24/7 at 1-844-257-8795 - Repair representatives are available to take customer calls 24/7/365 and schedule appointments to get them the help they need
  • SLWA will send a Contractor - SLWA will assign and dispatch a local, licensed contractor right to the customer's doorstep to handle all covered repairs.
  • Quality Service Performed - Each contractor is insured and delivers quality service to address the customer's problem.

Why Get a Plan From SLWA

Homeowners who face a home repair in an emergency must deal with finding a qualified repair person quickly as well as pay for the unexpected expense. Not knowing who to call or how much a repair will cost can be frustrating and overwhelming. That's where SLWA can help. SLWA offers homeowners affordable repair service plans that provide a prompt, easy solution to homeowner repair needs, saving them time and money.

SLWA Plans Include

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable service plans
  • Covered repairs guaranteed for one year
  • Eliminate emergency searches for a qualified contractor
  • Local, licensed, and insured contractors make repairs
  • No charge for covered repairs, up to the benefit limit
  • No deductible, paperwork, or service trip fees
  • Repair hotline is open 24/7/365

SLWA Plan Benefits

Many homeowners are not prepared for repair emergencies. They don't know who to call for repairs and can be faced with considerable unforeseen expenses. Visit the Service Line Warranties of America website for more information or call
1-844-257-8795 to enroll or file a claim.

  • 24/7/365 claims hotline, including holidays
  • No need to search for a qualified contractor in an emergency
Financial Protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with the ability to cancel at any time
  • Affordably priced coverage
  • No deductibles or trip fees
Peace of Mind
  • Covered repairs guaranteed for one year
  • Fully vetted, licensed, and insured local contractors

Carefully Selected Local Contractors

Due to rigorous vetting, fewer than 10% of all the contractors we research and interview are selected for our network. SLWA currently manages and deploys over 1,300 independent firms, employing thousands of highly qualified technicians.


Picture of a water pipe

A leaking or broken exterior water service line can be expensive to replace. Many homeowners aren't aware that they own their water service line and will have to pay for any repairs. The exterior water service line - from your property boundary or external wall of your well casing to the water service meter or main shut-off valve inside your home - is your responsibility.

Picture of sewer line being dug up.

Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage protects you from the expense of a covered repair or replacement of your exterior sewer line from the external wall of your home up to your property boundary, or exterior septic line that takes wastewater away from the external wall of your home up to the point of connection to the septic tank on your property, up to the benefit amount.

Broken pipe under sink

Plumbing and drainage emergencies can be messy and inconvenient. Common breakdowns range from blocked shower, sink or toilet drains to broken interior water pipes. Interior Plumbing and Drainage System Coverage protects you, up to the benefit amount, from the covered cost to repair or replace your interior plumbing and drainage lines.