Chiloquin Strategic Plan - 2021-2025

Significant challenges chart from resident survey

The City of Chiloquin engaged PARC Resources to facilitate a strategic planning process that builds on existing plans and incorporates a healthy community dialogue. The purpose of the strategic plan is to determine the most important projects to the residents of Chiloquin, building on previous plans completed by the City of Chiloquin and entities such as the Klamath Tribes (Chiloquin Bike and Pedestrian Plan & GOYA meeting), Chiloquin First (Chiloquin Lookout) and the subcommittee under Chiloquin Visions in Progress, Chiloquin Community Builders (CCB).

 The first goal of this plan was to encourage community engagement to prioritize needs and identify solutions including conducting a community survey and leading two community meetings to establish priorities and present findings. The second goal of this strategic plan is to outline an actionable approach to solving community concerns and building on current and recent efforts for continued progress.

 This process yielded several key projects for improving the quality of life for residents. These projects are:

  1. Nuisance abatement
  2. Police contract/monitoring
  3. Cameras and lighting
  4. Rodeo event center
  5. Community paths
  6. Community parks
  7. Street improvements
  8. Utility projects
  9. Nature Park
  10. Emergency alert system
  11. Water projects
  12. Wastewater projects

Moving forward the City of Chiloquin will be using this strategic plan to continue to prioritize projects and hear from the community which projects you would like to be involved in and prioritized. We encourage you to monitor the newsletter for our monthly question to help us answer questions regarding projects and to give us your feedback on our webpage contact form.


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