Emergency Alert Project

Emergency Sign

With the recent fires we have experienced in the area the past few years, it is even more crucial than ever to have a robust emergency alert system for the residents of Chiloquin. The City Council has been working with Chiloquin Fire and Rescue, Chiloquin Community Builders, Chiloquin Visions in Progress, and Klamath County to establish a multi-approach communication plan to alert our residents of emergencies affecting our community.

One aspect of this project was to secure a grant from The Ford Family Foundation to fund both an electronic bulletin board and a siren/klaxon which can be used to alert residents of an emergency and direct them where to go for additional information. The bulletin board will be installed on the Chiloquin Fire and Rescue headquarters building across from the Post Office and the siren/klaxon will be installed on the fire station. Expectation is for these to be installed spring/summer of 2022.

The federal government through FEMA, created the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) as a national system to provide local alerts. In 2021 Oregon introduced OR-Alert, a new state-wide system to be used by cities, counties, and emergency agencies to send local alerts to residents. Klamath County participated in the pilot program during 2021and transitioned over to the new system.

To signup for alerts, go to the OR-Alert website and enter in Chiloquin or Klamath to select alerts for Klamath County. Click on the Setup & Continue button to register an account and select the type of alerts that you want to receive.  


The City of Chiloquin has also been posting emergency notices at the top of the city’s website www.cityofchiloquin.org to provide key information or direct individuals where to go for official emergency information. We will continue to do this as circumstances warrant.

Check back here for any additional information regarding this ongoing emergency alert project for the City of Chiloquin.


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