Help Chiloquin Elementary Design a Playground Mural

“Chiloquin Past, Present & Future”


Construction of the Chiloquin Elementary School Playground renovation project will begin soon! The playground will also serve as a community park, when CES students are not in session.

As part of the renovation a mural will be displayed on an outside school wall highlighting the theme of “Chiloquin Past, Present & Future.”

This project allows for community members to contribute to the design. The artist will gather stories offered by community members that may be included in the final design reflecting “Chiloquin Past, Present & Future.” The CES Green School Playground project is an exciting opportunity for community members to share their stories that reflect our community. Ultimately, the mural aims to reflect the community’s unique cultural and historical character, and to instill a pride in the CES staff, students and community.

If you have any positive stories you would like to submit for the artist to consider, please submit your contributions in a rough illustration, in writing, or both. Submissions will be accepted to 6:00 pm Sunday October 31, 2021. Please forward submissions to: chiloquinart [at]