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July 4th Holiday and Fire Safety

Lakeview, Ore., June 28, 2023—In observance of the Independence Day holiday, some Fremont-Winema National Forest offices will be closed, Monday, July 3, 2023, please call ahead prior to visiting. Services will resume July 5, 2023.

Forest Service officials and fire management staff welcome all visitors to the national forest with a reminder about fire safety. It only takes one spark to ruin the weekend for everyone. Currently, the fire danger level is moderate, and the Industrial Fire Precaution Level is I.

Fireworks are prohibited on all National Forest System Lands as well as all other federally managed public lands. Violators who bring fireworks onto national forests and grasslands can be fined and sentenced to time in jail. Furthermore, violators may be liable for suppression costs and property damage.

Summer is here, and Independence Day is our day to celebrate freedom while spending quality time off with family and friends. For many, this is a perfect opportunity to be outdoors, enjoying the wealth of public lands offered in the Pacific Northwest.

With increased recreation on the Forest, the risk of a human caused wildfire also increases. Help us keep this holiday safe and enjoyable for all.

            Before visiting public lands, check the current fire danger and public use restrictions, come prepared. Bringing along a fire extinguisher, several gallons of water and a shovel can prevent a stray spark from becoming a wildfire.

            Campfires can rekindle! Ensure your fire is out by stirring dirt and water into the embers.

            Do not drive over dry vegetation. The hot undercarriage and exhaust of your vehicle can ignite dry grasses.

We all share the responsibility for reducing the risk of human caused wildfire. Fire Safety requires committing a simple checklist to habit: keep a careful watch on your campfire; have the tools and equipment necessary to prevent a spark from escaping; and make sure your fire is out cold before leaving. If we all incorporate these steps into our outdoor routines, we can ensure the safety of our family, our communities, and our beloved forest destinations.

Whatever activity you find yourself enjoying, stay safe and have a plan if disaster strikes.

Thank you for protecting our forests from human caused wildfires.

Call or visit the South-Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership for current fire restrictions: (541)947-6259

Click here for more information about how you can be safe during fire season.


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