Work begins to remove the debris pile.

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Debris pile from behind the Markwardt Brothers Building

Monday November 20 contractors for the City of Chiloquin will begin to remove the debris pile from behind the Markwardt Brothers Building at the corner of Chocktoot and First Avenue. Please slow down and give the trucks entering and exiting the roadway some extra space. More information on this project is available at City Hall and additional information is available online at: or through the Department of Environmental Quality’s Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database at:

This project is funded by grants from the Business Oregon Brownfield Program and includes the removal of the construction and demolition debris pile from the collapsed former Chiloquin Mercantile. Remnants of drywall material within debris pile have tested positive for asbestos.  Due to the nature of the debris pile, the asbestos containing material cannot be completely segregated from the pile, therefore the entire pile must be treated as asbestos-contaminated material and subject to asbestos abatement regulations. Removal of the pile will follow relevant state and federal regulations including perimeter air monitoring. An Inadvertent Discovery Plan has been prepared and approved if cultural resources are discovered during the work. The following documents are available on line and at city hall.